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National Give Something Away Day

Celebrate Generosity on July 17 by participating in National Give Something Away Day!

July 17 marks National Give Something Away Day. This special day gives you the opportunity to express generosity and give away some items you may no longer use anymore but someone else may need. National Give Something Away Day can be about many different things. It can range from a small act of kindness to a whole closet clean-out! 

How to Participate

Donate Unused Items: Go through closets, under beds, junk drawers, and storage spaces to find different items that are no longer useful to you. There are plenty of places looking for donations of any kind all year round that will accept nearly anything you have to offer. The most common items people donate are clothes, books, and toys. If you haven’t used an item in a year or two maybe it’s time to let someone else enjoy it.

Is there a local Buy Nothing group in your community? These Facebook groups have gained so much popularity that the organization launched its own app as well. These local community groups have one main goal of giving away items with no strings attached. So, there is no trading or bartering. Have some old toys that your kids aren’t playing with anymore? Post them in the Buy Nothing group and there is most likely a family around the corner from you who would be happy to enjoy them. You’ll feel great about de-cluttering your home and blessing your neighbors at the same time. It’s a win-win! If you haven’t already joined, search on Facebook with the name of your city + Buy Nothing and there is a high chance there is already a group formed in your area. If not, maybe this is the time to get a Buy Nothing group started!

Give Your Time and Volunteer

National Give Something Away Day does not have to be all tangible items you find in your house, it can also be seen as giving up your time to do something for others. Clear your calendar on July 17 and volunteer at your local community shelter, animal shelter, or hospital. These places are always looking for an extra hand throughout the day. Make a difference in someone’s life by giving up your time and impacting their day positively. 

The Reserve at Billingsley Place

Organize a Donation Drive

Spread the word about National Give Something Away Day with your friends and family by starting a donation drive within your community! Collect different items for an organization and create categories for each donation. By creating your own donation drive, you will be spreading awareness of National Give Something Away Day while participating in it as well. 

National Give Something Away Day is a reminder that being generous is a gift in itself. It is beneficial to give away unused items and open up space in your home for new things, along with giving items away to people who will make use of them. Embrace the happiness of giving to others, not just on this day, but all throughout the year! Happy cleaning and donating!

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