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COVID-19 Acknowledgement and Release

We cannot ensure that COVID-19 is not present in the fitness center, pool area, playground or any other interior or exterior community amenity or common area. As with the transmission of any communicable disease like a cold or the flu, you may be exposed to COVID-19, also known as “Coronavirus,” at any time or in any place. Despite the continued careful attention of the management staff to personal protection and disinfection protocols to limit transmission of this disease, there is still a chance that you could be exposed to this or other illnesses within the community, just as you might be at your grocery store, favorite restaurant, or even doctor’s office. “Social Distancing” nationwide has undoubtedly reduced the transmission of the Coronavirus, and although we have taken measures to provide for social distancing within the community, due to the nature of our amenities and common areas and how they are typically used, it is not possible to enforce or guarantee that social distancing or other safety measures will be observed between all persons in all amenities and common areas at all times.

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(Please note: All Residents Must Sign This Release Separately)

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