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Why It’s Important to Consign

When you hear the word consignment, you most likely think of selling clothes you no longer wear. However, you can actually consign many goods such as home items, decor, purses, accessories, technology, and so much more! Consigning your unwanted items through your local consignment store or online consignment platforms can be very beneficial. It can even be a way to earn some extra cash!

Why is consigning important?

It’s important to declutter your space every once in a while. As seasons change and years pass, your preferences and styles most likely change as well. Every few months, it’s good to go through your home and see if there’s anything you haven’t worn or used recently. Having an organized, clutter-free environment is important for your well-being.

Consigning your clothes is also very beneficial to the environment. Buying and selling used goods is a great way to practice sustainability. Fast fashion, which is the production and distribution of trendy, cheap clothing, has taken off in recent years. Due to their poor quality, these mass-produced clothing items end up in consumers’ trash cans after just a few wears. Consigning your unwanted clothes allows them to live another life, rather than ending up in a landfill.

How can I consign?

There are a variety of ways you can consign your clothes and other items you don’t use anymore. Traditionally, sellers bring their items to a local consignment store. When you arrive, you’ll check in with an employee to drop off your items. Once the employee sorts through them, they offer you a price and pay you on the spot. One of the most well-known consignment stores is Plato’s Closet. You can also check your area for local consignment shops! Another popular way to sell items is through Facebook Marketplace. You can also check your Facebook for local groups you can join to buy and sell specific items, such as children’s clothing or outdoor furniture.

Over the years, consignment websites have begun to take off. Two of the most popular, Poshmark and Mercari, are both virtual platforms that allow you to buy and sell used clothing products, accessories, shoes, home items, decor, technology, and so much more. The RealReal is another online consignment website that allows you to buy and sell luxury items from brands such as Gucci, Prada, Chanel, and Hermès. These items include handbags, jewelry, home decor, watches, and clothing items. The selling process is slightly different than most consignment websites since they have to verify the authenticity of your luxurious goods.

We’ve all heard the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” By consigning items you no longer have a use for, you can do your part in saving our planet, while also decluttering your home. Who knows, you may even find your next treasure!

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