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Ten Ways to Decorate Your Apartment for Fall

Living in an apartment shouldn’t stop you from decorating your home for different seasons. Seasonal decorations make your home feel cozy and inviting. Here are 10 simple ways you can decorate your apartment for fall both inside and out!

1. Hang up a Wreath

Even if you don’t have a balcony or any outdoor space, a wreath is a cute way to add decor to the outside of your apartment. This fall wreath from Amazon would be perfect to display on your front door all season long!

2. Set out Some Pumpkins

There’s no better way to celebrate fall than to display a pumpkin outside your front door! You could get a real pumpkin at your local grocery store and take a stab at carving it. If you aren’t feeling that adventurous, order this multi-color artificial pumpkin set from Amazon! These can also be used as centerpieces for your table or even just placed around your home.

3. Place a Doormat at Your Front Door

Impress your guests by displaying this fall welcome doormat at your front door! Switching up your doormat each season is an easy and inexpensive way to make your home feel inviting.

4. Put up Signs in Your House

Fall-themed signs like this one are an easy way to decorate the inside of your home for fall. Amazon has hundreds of different signs to choose from for fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. You can place these on your kitchen table, TV stand, mantle, bedside table, dresser, etc.

5. Light a Fall-Scented Candle

This may seem like a no-brainer, but lighting a fall-scented candle can transform your apartment into a pumpkin spice paradise, regardless of the weather outside! This pumpkin spice candle from Amazon is so cute and has over 1,000 reviews. If you’re not a fan of pumpkin spice, opt for a cinnamon or apple-scented candle instead.

6. Switch up Your Pillow Covers

These orange pillow covers are a subtle way to switch up your apartment for the fall season. Buying pillow inserts gives you the freedom to switch out the covers for different seasons, holidays, or just whenever you need a change. Place these on your couch, bed, or in chairs for a touch of autumn color.

7. Hang up Fall-Themed Tea Towels

These rustic farmhouse-style tea towels would be the perfect way to decorate your kitchen for fall. We love how simple and classy these are. If these don’t match the aesthetic of your home, don’t worry, Amazon has hundreds of different options to choose from!

8. Display a Pampas Grass Bouquet

Ditch the flowers this fall and try displaying an artificial pampas grass bouquet. This would be a perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner. Amazon has many different bouquets to match any color scheme or style.

9. Put out Fall Blankets

As temperatures start to drop, you’ll begin to reach for an extra blanket when you’re lounging at home. This plaid orange and yellow blanket will keep you warm and cozy all season long. The autumn colors will bring the perfect touch of fall to your living room or bedroom.

10. Hang up Fall Garland

Add a touch of fall to your home with a fall garland made of artificial leaves. This one from Amazon would be perfect to wrap around your staircase or to place on your mantle, dresser, or TV stand.

We hope these ideas help you create a cozy atmosphere this fall. Feel free to adjust each one based on the style and aesthetic of your home. Amazon has thousands of options to choose from, making it easy and inexpensive to switch up your apartment decor each season!

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