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Ten Refreshing Spring Mocktail Recipes

Spring is finally here! Celebrate this cheerful season by sipping on a refreshing mocktail. Mocktails are alcohol-free drinks full of exciting fruits, flavored waters, and so much more. These versatile recipes are refreshing, not full of sugar, and will leave you satisfied. From tropical citrus recipes to twists on classic drinks, our spring mocktail recipes are perfect for celebrating the season of flowers and sunshine in style!

Blackberry Lemon Mocktail

This blackberry lemon mocktail drink is the perfect combination of tangy and refreshing flavors. If you’re looking for a more flavorful drink, try swapping out the club soda for a flavored seltzer water or your preferred brand of lemonade.

Grapefruit Rosemary Lemonade Sparklers

The grapefruit rosemary lemonade sparklers are beautifully colored mocktails and the perfect beverage for all of your spring dinner parties or picnics! This drink is so simple to make and is free of any added sugar. If you prefer a sweeter drink, feel free to add in some agave or simple syrup!

Strawberry Sparkler with Berry Ice Cubes

You will love a strawberry sparkler with berry ice cubes! This flavorful spritzer is so easy to make, only requiring strawberries, blueberries, lemon juice and sparkling water. The berry ice cubes are a fun touch. You could even pair these ice cubes with other mocktails as well!

Mojito Mocktail

This minty mojito mocktail has all of the same flavors as a classic mojito, just minus the alcohol! This refreshing mocktail is made with fresh lime juice, mint, your sweetener of choice, and soda water.

Raspberry Lime Mocktail

The raspberry and lime in this drink combine to form the perfect sweet, but tangy mocktail! This raspberry lime mocktail recipe calls for freshly muddled raspberries and mint, and freshly squeezed lime juice. These fresh ingredients make this the ultimate springtime mocktail.

Watermelon Mocktail

This watermelon mocktail is the perfect refreshing beverage to enjoy all spring long! The garnishes on this drink are an added touch that make it look so elegant and restaurant-quality. If you don’t like mint, feel free to swap it out for some fresh basil instead!

Perfect Arnold Palmer

There is nothing better than a cold Arnold Palmer on a sunny spring day! This classic drink is sure to be a fan favorite at your next BBQ or dinner party. This recipe recommends making homemade sweet tea and lemonade, but feel free to adjust that based on your preferences.

Citrus Spring Mocktail

This refreshing citrus spring mocktail would be perfect for a spring brunch! This recipe is easy to make in large batches, making it perfect for all of your get-togethers. This recipe calls for orange juice, pineapple juice, and Sprite, but feel free to swap any of these out for a lower-sugar alternative.

Classic Shirley Temple Mocktail

This classic Shirley Temple mocktail will take you right back to your childhood! Add a touch of mint or any garnish of your choosing to spruce this classic drink up. For a lower-sugar alternative, swap out the soda for some flavored or plain seltzer water. You could even swap out the grenadine for some pomegranate or cherry juice!

Coconut Fizz Mocktail

This coconut mocktail will make you feel like you’re sitting on a tropical island! Feel free to adjust this recipe based on your preferences, such as using pineapple or orange juice rather than lime juice.

All of these drinks are extremely versatile, so don’t be afraid to customize them based on your taste buds! We hope these mocktails make the perfect beverage for all of your spring festivities!

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