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Ten Places in Your Apartment You May Forget to Clean

Cleaning an apartment thoroughly involves more than just wiping down the visible surfaces or vacuuming the floors. There are often overlooked nooks and crannies where dust, dirt, and grime can accumulate over time. This build-up can be harmful to you, your family, and even your pets. Consider adding these commonly forgotten, or maybe just avoided, places to your cleaning rotation!

On Top of Your Ceiling Fans

Have you ever thought to clean the tops of your ceiling fan blades? If not, they’re probably covered in dust! Take a damp microfiber cloth, and wipe down each blade, no need to use any cleaning supplies. Then, take a dry microfiber cloth to dry each blade and ensure all the dust has been removed. Try to do this at least every other week.

Inside Your Drawers

Everyone knows what a pain it is to take out everything in your drawers just to clean it, but we promise it’s worth it. This applies to all the drawers in your house- kitchen, bathroom, vanity, nightstand, etc! You don’t have to do this often, but it’s still important to add it to your cleaning routine every once in a while. First, empty out the drawer completely. If you have a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment, use that to get any crumbs or debris out of the drawer. Then, use a damp cloth or Lysol wipe to disinfect the drawer. Clean any inserts or organizers you may have in there as well, then put everything back in the drawer in an organized fashion.

Under Your Couch

Cleaning under your couch may seem unnecessary, but it’s crucial for maintaining a clean, dust-free home. Take the opportunity to check for any lost items that may have ended up under the couch. Then, use a vacuum cleaner with a long attachment to clean underneath the couch, we promise it’s dirty under there. If possible, you could move the couch to make this process easier and ensure a deeper clean.

On Top of Your Doors

Cleaning the tops of your doors and door frames inside your apartment may be something you’ve overlooked. It’s easy for dust and dirt to accumulate over time. Bring out the step ladder, grab a microfiber cloth or duster tool, and completely wipe down the area. Consider doing this once a month to prevent excessive dust build-up.

Your Refrigerator

Cleaning your refrigerator regularly helps prevent bacteria growth and unpleasant odors. It’s important to maintain a clean space to ensure the freshness of your food. Start by removing all items from the refrigerator including food, shelves, drawers, etc. Use this as an opportunity to check the expiration dates of everything, and discard anything that may be spoiled. Do a thorough wipe down of all compartments you removed, as well as the interior of the fridge.

Cleaning Your Blinds

Even if you regularly adjust your blinds, dust and grime can still accumulate, affecting both their appearance and the indoor air quality. Use a microfiber cloth or a soft dusting brush to gently dust the blinds. Start from the top and work your way down, ensuring you get both the top and bottom of each piece. Try to do this each time you dust, maybe once a week or every other week.


Depending on what type of headboard you have on your bed, there could be dust building up on top of it and behind it. This mainly applies if you have a wood or metal headboard. Use a damp microfiber rag to wipe down the surface completely, ensuring to remove all dust and grime. Dust can be harmful to you, especially if you struggle with allergies. Avoiding dust build-up, especially in your bedroom, can make a big difference in how you feel.

Shower Head

Cleaning your shower head is crucial for maintaining good hygiene and reducing nasty build-up. Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar. Place the bag over the shower head and make sure the nozzles are fully submerged in the vinegar. Use a rubber band or twist tie to secure the bag in place. Let it soak for at least a few hours or overnight.


While it may be a gross task to complete, you must clean your drains as needed to ensure proper drainage and prevent clogs. One easy way for regular maintenance of your drains is to pour 1/2 cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by 1/2 cup of white vinegar. Allow the mixture to sit for 10-15 minutes. Then, flush the drain with boiling water. This helps break down build-up and prevent clogging. There are also preventative measures you can install, such as hair catchers or drain strainers to trap items and prevent them from going down your drains.


While it’s commonly known that you are supposed to clean your baseboards, many of us avoid it or feel like we don’t need to do it. The best way to clean your baseboards is by creating a mild cleaning solution yourself, to ensure you don’t damage the paint or finish. Try adding a small amount of dish soap or an all-purpose cleaner to warm water. Use a soft bristle brush or microfiber cloth to wipe down all of the baseboards in your home, moving furniture as necessary.

Have you forgotten to clean any of these places before? If so, consider tackling it the next time you clean your apartment!

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