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Tailgate Must Haves

Football season is here, which means so are tailgates! Whether you’re hosting a tailgate or attending one, we’ve compiled must-have essentials to take your football game experience to the next level. Get ready to make the most out of your pre-game festivities while cheering on your favorite team!

Location and Parking

The first thing you want to consider is your tailgating location and parking. Secure a spacious parking spot that allows ample room for grilling, setting up a tent, and creating a welcoming atmosphere. Along with this, making sure comfortable seating should also be a priority. Investing in foldable chairs, lawn chairs, or stadium seats can provide you and your guests with a comfortable space to relax, unwind, and enjoy the game.

Food and Beverages

Now that we’ve covered location and seating, making sure your tailgate has plenty of food to grill and beverages to serve is also essential when hosting a tailgate. Consider packing portable grills, cooking utensils, skewers, spices, marinades, aluminum foil, disposable plates, napkins, and trash bags for your tailgate feast. Making sure you stay hydrated with a well-stocked cooler is also key, so consider bringing some beverages such as water, sodas, sports drinks, and any of your favorite cold beverages. Consider using reusable cups, like red solo cups, or insulated tumblers, such as a yeti cup, to reduce waste. Make sure you don’t forget your koozies too. 


For entertainment, set up a portable sound system or speakers so you can play your favorite tunes and keep the energy high. Outdoor games like cornhole or ladder toss can bring people together and add to the fun. Also, make sure you and your friends bring a couple of TVs, as well as generators to power all of your electronics. 

Precautionary Items

Lastly, be prepared for any weather conditions. Bring sun protection items such as hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Pack raincoats, umbrellas, blankets, and hand warmers in case of rain or chilly temperatures. Prioritize safety by keeping a first aid kit on hand, setting up designated areas for trash and recycling to maintain cleanliness, and respecting the venue or property.

Tailgating is a cherished tradition that brings fans, friends, and family together to enjoy the spirit of the game, creating a fun atmosphere for everyone. By ensuring you have these must-have essentials, you can elevate your football game-day experience and create lasting memories. So, gear up, bring your team spirit, and get ready to upgrade your tailgating experience to a new level! 

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