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Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning is the perfect way to refresh your apartment and swap out the winter season for spring to prepare for summer! There are many ways to make use of your space and storage while setting up for the spring. Here are a few tips to help make the most of your spring clean!

Start with a plan 

Avoid feeling overwhelmed by starting with a plan. Creating a checklist or system will give you the opportunity to focus on what areas should be cleaned first and how much time it may take you to accomplish the task. It is also helpful to break down the cleaning into different sections so you can cover one room or space at a time. 



One of the most important steps of a spring clean is to declutter all of the unnecessary items in your apartment. Start by reviewing all items and deciding what you want to keep, donate, or throw away. Cutting back on the clutter in your apartment will enable you to create more space in your apartment. The more space you give yourself in the apartment, the easier it will be to clean! 

Not sure where to start? Try this declutter bingo chart from @gocleanco

Deep clean your apartment 

Once you have become organized and decluttered, the deep cleaning begins. This is the section of spring cleaning that could be the most rewarding. Even if you keep your apartment clean regularly, this is the time to clean all the places that may be neglected over time.

For Example:

  • Cleaning the air vents in your living room and bathrooms
  • Switching out lightbulbs (if needed) 
  • Dusting your fans and light fixtures 
  • Cleaning/rotating your mattresses
  • Clean off your blinds or curtains
  • Freshen garbage cans 
  • Mop the floors 
  • Wash the carpets in the bathroom 
Floor Cleaning 
Go Clean Co


Now that your apartment is clean, it is the perfect opportunity to reorganize anything in your apartment. Spring cleaning is not just about a deep clean, but it is also a time for you to swap out your winter clothes/decorations to match the spring season. This is the time to pack up those bulky sweaters or large blankets to make room for swimsuits and pool supplies. This can also mean adding pops of color throughout your apartment to embrace the springtime weather. 

Spring cleaning may seem like a difficult task, but if you plan your cleaning and break it down into different steps it can be so rewarding! Enjoy your fresh and newly reorganized space!

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