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Organizing Your Junk Drawer

Have you been putting off organizing your junk drawer? Here are a few easy steps to help you tackle the chaos:  

  1. Empty: The first step is to take everything out of the drawer(s) and lay it on a flat surface. This will ensure you can more easily sort everything. You can also keep your trash bin next to you while you empty the drawer to quickly dispose of things you know you’re done with.  
  1. Clean: That’s right. We suggest vacuuming the drawer to remove all the dust and dirt. Then a quick spray and wipe.  
  1. Categorize: It’s time to sort your piles into categories such as tools, batteries, pens, change, stamps (for the boomers), cords, etc.  
  1. Trash: Junk drawers are synonymous with well, junk. Do you have an old ketchup packet in there? Do you have old batteries in there? Pens that lost their ink? You get it. This is your chance to either throw old items out OR (if it’s worthy of a donation) put them in your thrift store pile.   
  1. Dividers: Using small bins or divider trays will make for clean lines and keep your items separated into their designated categories.   

We love this economical 25-piece divider set from Amazon 

Now you’re ready to put everything back. Make sure each divider tray has a designated spot and is easy to access. We hope this helps you turn your junk drawer into an organized and functional space. 

*If you really want to go crazy you can label the organizers. Labeling the bins or dividers can make it easier to find what you’re looking for and help you remember what each tray was for. 

organizing your drawers

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