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How to Make Bouquets Last Longer and Stay Beautiful

Many flowers stay in bloom throughout the summer months, making them the perfect addition to your home. Whether you’re incorporating a fresh bouquet into your living space or making a kind gesture to a significant other or friend, it’s important your flowers appear fresh. Let’s explore how to make bouquets last longer and appear fuller.

Cutting stems and leaves

When trimming the length of the flower stems, make sure to cut the base at an angle. By doing so, you are creating more space for the flowers to soak up the water. This also prevents the base of the flower from making direct contact with the bottom of the vase, cutting off the water supply.

Cutting off extra leaves near the base of the stem will not only create more space in the vase to add more flowers, but it will also prevent bacteria buildup. Cutting the leaves around the flower will allow it to fully bloom and display its beauty.

Water care

Keeping the vase water clean and fresh will maximize a bouquet’s lifespan. Flower food packets usually come with a bouquet, but sugar is an alternative that you can add to provide the flowers with additional nutrients. Adding this natural fertilizer acid mix is a great way to maintain the correct pH level in the water.

Microorganisms and bacteria can clog the stem’s base in a bouquet. By adding bleach, it will keep the water clean and allow the stems to keep absorbing water. According to Clorox, adding a fourth of a teaspoon of Clorox Disinfecting Bleach to every third of a gallon of water is the perfect concoction for your flowers.

Avoid direct sunlight

Fun fact: freshly cut flowers do not need sunlight! Placing cut flowers in sunlight for too long can cause them to wilt and deteriorate faster. Placing them inside your home or on a covered porch with moderate sunlight is where the bouquet will thrive.

This also applies to heat, especially in places like the kitchen and bathrooms. Hot ovens and steaming hot showers are harmful to your bouquets. Be sure to keep them in an open space with good airflow.

Rubbing stems

Before placing your flower in a vase, try rubbing the stem back and forth. This helps the flower to appear fuller. This trick is perfect when trying to make the most out of a vase’s space.

The next time you pick up a bouquet from the store, or pick fresh flowers out of your garden, make sure to try out these tips on how to make bouquets last longer!

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