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Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

For many people, their pets are like their children. We’ve created a list of items that both pets and their owners would love to receive this holiday season. These items include practical everyday items, sentimental gifts like custom pet portraits, and adorable decor items like pet pillows to display around the house. These items don’t only make their owners happy, but also the pets! Dogs are able to show gratitude for gifts you give them, such as toys. They may also enjoy seeing you receive gifts and react happily. Here are 10 items that are sure to help pet owners create lasting memories with their animals!

Collapsible Dog Bowl

This two-pack of collapsible dog bowls is the perfect gift for a dog owner. Choose from seven different colors. These bowls come in handy for trips to the park or when traveling, as they are collapsible and easily packed. They are even dishwasher-safe!

Matching Pajama Set

Create a picture-perfect holiday with these hilarious matching pajamas! Target has multiple patterns to suit everyone’s taste. These pajamas come in men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes, so the whole family can match this holiday season!

Custom Pet Portrait

This custom pet portrait has gone viral on social media. They are so simple, so they’ll match the aesthetic of almost any home. Add a picture of their pet and the pet’s name, and this website curates a stunning work of art. We love how you can choose from one, two, or three pets.

Interactive Treat Puzzle

This interactive treat puzzle has over 131,000 positive reviews on Amazon. Keeping dogs mentally stimulated with enrichment toys such as this one is very beneficial to their well-being!

Portable Paw Cleaner

Help a pet lover keep their homes free of muddy paw prints by gifting them this Mudbuster paw cleaner! It’s portable, easy to use, and only requires a small amount of water. It’s perfect to keep in the car after trips to the park or beach with your furry friend!

Personalized Necklace

This personalized necklace is the perfect sentimental gift for the pet lovers in your life. This website allows you to upload a photo of the pet so it’s completely personalized. Choose from three different options: silver, gold, and rose gold. You can even add another pendant for those with multiple pets!

Pet Fur Remover

This is the perfect gift for those with animals that shed. Easily remove fur from furniture, clothing, car seats, carpets, and more. This is a much better option than constantly buying lent rollers, as it’s reusable and much more effective.

Custom Pet Shaped Pillow

These hilarious pet pillows make the perfect gift for pet lovers! This website allows you to upload a picture of the pet, and they create a custom pillow in a unique shape with the picture printed on it. This could be the perfect gift for a college student who misses seeing their pet every day.

Custom Pet Mug

This custom pet mug is the perfect gift for those coffee-loving pet owners! This website allows you to upload a picture of the pet and their name, and they curate a custom mug. This mug is a perfect way to always remember your pet.

Chewy Gift Card

Let’s face it, being a pet owner can come at a large cost. A gift card to Chewy is an easy, practical gift that you know they will use and appreciate. Chewy is an online retailer selling pet supplies such as dog and cat food, toys, medicines, and so much more.

We hope these ideas make shopping for the pet lovers in your life just a little bit easier!

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