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Festive St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Ideas

As March unfolds, it brings with it the spirited celebration of St. Patrick’s Day – a day full of all things green, lucky, and undeniably Irish. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated annually on March 17. While the day has become known for its festivities, parades, and the color green, its origins are rooted back to the life of St. Patrick and the spread of Christianity in Ireland. This year, consider hosting a potluck or Irish feast for your friends and family in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Incorporating these festive and traditional recipes into your menu is sure to bring good luck to all of your festivities! Today we are sharing some delicious and festive St. Patrick’s Day recipe ideas!


Corned Beef and Cabbage Cheese Quesadillas

These quesadillas are a fun twist to a classic Irish dish. They are made from Swiss cheese, beef, and cabbage, then wrapped up in flour tortillas. This recipe recommends you pair them with a creamy dipping sauce, such as a Sauerkraut and stone-ground mustard sauce.

Reuben Egg Rolls

We know frying egg rolls can seem intimidating, but we promise this recipe is so worth it! These egg rolls are the perfect combination of flavors, filled with Swiss cheese, corned beef, sauerkraut, and chives. Pair with your favorite sauce for dipping, perhaps spicy mustard or Thousand Island.


Traditional Irish Shepherd’s Pie

This traditional Irish Shepherd’s Pie is a classic savory dish prepared with ground beef, or lamb, mushrooms, onion, corn, peas and carrots. It’s cooked in a delicious gravy sauce and topped with a mashed potato crust that’s baked in the oven. This classic dish has everything you need- meat, veggies, and potatoes- and will sure to be a hit at your St. Paddy’s Day celebrations!

Irish Stew

This hearty Irish stew would be the perfect entree to bring to your St. Patrick’s Day potluck! Soups are a great choice for group gatherings as you can prepare them ahead of time in the crockpot and keep them warm until it’s time to eat. This delicious stew is made from tender beef, carrots, and potatoes.


Leprechaun Chow

This quick and easy Leprechaun Chow is the perfect ending to your St. Paddy’s Day celebrations! This delicious recipe is made from cereal and white chocolate. This treat would also be great for an after-school snack for your kids on St. Patrick’s Day! It’s fun to make and tastes delicious.

Green Frosted Cupcakes

These St. Patrick’s Day green cupcakes make the perfect dessert for all of your festivities! Who doesn’t love a cupcake? Consider buying a set of frosting tips and bags from Amazon for easy frosting. This recipe is so simple you could even use box cake mix!

Other Recipe Ideas

Green Pancakes

These green pancakes are healthy and easy to make! These vibrant green pancakes get their color from leafy green spinach. These would make the perfect breakfast for your kiddos on St. Patrick’s Day. This is the perfect opportunity to sneak in a serving of vegetables without anyone knowing!

Shamrock Shake

This McDonald’s copycat is the perfect frozen green treat! This recipe uses green food coloring for an extra pop of color. These minty milkshakes are so easy to make and are the perfect way to end your St. Patrick’s Day.

We hope these festive St. Patrick’s Day recipes help you plan the perfect celebration!

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