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Designers and Organizers to Follow

Do you follow designers or organizers on Instagram? We don’t know why watching someone organize a pantry is so satisfying, but we’re here for it! We can get lost in the rabbit hole of scrolling through these satisfying videos, however sometimes we can get some useful ideas to incorporate into our own home, just by scrolling senselessly. The following Instagram accounts offer clever, inexpensive, and tidy options to upgrade your space.

@MarieKondo – The Queen of Tidying Up

Marie Kondo’s account is a sanctuary of minimalism and organization. Known for her KonMari method, she inspires followers to declutter their lives and find joy in the process. She also stars in a Netflix Series called Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, where you can enjoy a more in depth showing by her, sharing with viewers her handy tips and ideas for tidying up your space.

@Em_henderson – Interior Stylist Extraordinaire

Emily Henderson’s Instagram is a visual hotspot for interior design enthusiasts. Her eclectic style blends different elements, making every room feel inviting and unique. With an impressive resume to back up her credentials, such as being a New York Times bestselling author of the book STYLED, she is an excellent source to get ideas from!

@TheHomeEdit – Masters of Organization

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, founders of The Home Edit Instagram page, showcase their incredible knack for turning chaos into order. Their grid is a rainbow of color-coordinated spaces that make organizing look like an art form and easy to get lost scrolling through what seems like an endless page of organization hacks and tidying tips.

@Archdigest – Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest shares stunning homes, interiors, and architecture from around the world. This account has videos, magazine covers, and architectural photos for you to gain inspiration and create your own unique design. Follow them for a daily dose of design inspiration

@Joannagaines – HGTV Star

Joanna Gaines, of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” fame, offers a glimpse into her life on a farm and shares her signature farmhouse-style designs. She is also the co-owner of the Instagram account @Magnolia which is another one of her outlets for home and life inspirations. Check her out for some neat ideas while being entertained in the process!

@Tidydad – Blogger and Organizer

This New York City Dad of three shares incredible ways to develop rhythms and routines for tidying, organizing, and cleaning needs. You can find some clever videos on his page, where his viewers can learn how to make the most of their living space! The dad’s impressive page highlights his family’s life in a less than 1,000 square feet NYC apartment with his wife and three little girls.

What makes these Instagram accounts unique is their ability to tell compelling stories through design and organization. They provide not only aesthetic pleasure but also practical insights into how we can elevate our living spaces and simplify our lives. So, whether you’re looking to declutter your closet, renovate your home, or simply appreciate the beauty of well-curated spaces, these Instagram designers and organizers have got you covered. Give them a follow, and let their creativity and expertise transform your Instagram feed into a source of daily inspiration. Your home and life will thank you!

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