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Designer Look on a Budget: Holiday Edition

The most wonderful time of year is upon us once again! For many, transforming their home into a magnificent winter wonderland is one of the best aspects of the holiday season. Creating an elegant, cozy space can bring your friends and family together and help create lasting memories. However, deciding how to decorate your home can be overwhelming or even seem unrealistic. Decorating for the holidays shouldn’t break the bank. Setting a budget upfront and deciding how to reduce your expenses this holiday season are both important practices. Here are some tips to achieve an elegant holiday look, all while sticking to a budget.

Stick to a theme

Consider sticking to a timeless color scheme such as red, silver, gold, or white. Sticking to a theme is so simple and doesn’t have to be expensive, but it gives your home such an elegant look. Try swapping out your pillowcases, table cloth and blankets to match your theme.


Add some ambiance to your home by carefully selecting your lighting choices. Instead of using harsh overhead lights, utilize other forms of lighting to add a softer and more romantic feel to your space. Candles, lamps, and string lights are all easy and inexpensive ways to create a warm and welcoming space.

Coordinate wrapping paper

Try sticking to just a few different wrapping papers for your gifts that are placed under the tree. Make sure they all match well together and follow the color scheme you selected. Another way to keep it simple is just choosing one or two different wrapping papers, but then adding a variety of elegant ribbons, bows, or personalized gift tags.

Keep it simple

When decorating for the holidays, a minimalistic approach is almost always the way to go. While keeping your decorations simple helps you save some money, it’s also crucial to achieving that elegant, designer look. Adding too many decorations to your home makes your space feel cluttered and overwhelming.

Elegant table decor

Creating an elegant table spread doesn’t have to be expensive. Start with purchasing a tablecloth, napkins, and placemats based on your theme. You can find these on Amazon, or sometimes on discount at department stores like Belk or Kohl’s. From there, it’s up to you how little or how much you want to add to your table. You could add a poinsettia in the middle, some miniature Christmas tree displays, a greenery display, or whatever else your heart desires!

Add a wreath

Adding a festive wreath to your front door is an easy way to elevate your outdoor decor, especially while living in an apartment. Check out Hobby Lobby, Target, Walmart, or local stores in your area. If you’re feeling crafty, you could even try making a homemade wreath!

How can I shop for holiday decor on a budget?

If you’re on a tight budget, but want a luxurious look and feel this holiday season, try these tips to save:

Buy secondhand

Buying holiday decor secondhand is a great way to save money! Try searching Facebook Marketplace, Facebook groups, Thrift stores, and local vintage shops. These are all great ways to save BIG on elegant holiday decor!

Shop sales

Many stores have great sales throughout the year on holiday decorations. If you have them in your area, check out Hobby Lobby. They run major sales each week, and they often run 50% off on all Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, ornaments, wreaths, and more, all season long!

Find a dupe

If you are in love with a holiday item but know you can’t afford it, dupe it! Most of the time it’s easy to find a similar product for a fraction of the cost. One of our favorite tools is the Amazon Lens, which allows you to select any photo from your camera roll or on the internet and it’ll find a dupe for it. You can then browse on Amazon from a large selection of dupes for a fraction of the cost.

We hope these tips help you create an elegant space this holiday season!

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