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College Apartment Needs

Moving into your first college apartment is the beginning of living on your own and independence. It is important to ensure you have all the correct materials to make the most out of your living space. To help get started on the move, here is a list of some essential college apartment needs to help you make your apartment perfect for the year! 

Find decorations that brighten up your apartment and enjoy your space

The first step to make a new apartment feel at home is to add your own decorations. You have the opportunity to make your living space your own. Find a style you enjoy and buy blankets, throw pillows and wall decor to create a comfortable living space. These small touches can make your apartment feel like home. 

Cooking Essentials 

College apartment needs in the kitchen for college students are ones that create quick and easy meals. A few of my favorites are an air fryer and a blender. Although cooking may not be for everyone, these two cooking supplies make meals so simple and easy to make!

Kitchen view of 701 South apartments with dark cabinets and granite countertops

Cleaning Supplies

Keeping your apartment clean is essential for an enjoyable living space. By purchasing cleaning supplies as simple as a vacuum cleaner, broom and counter cleaner you are taking all the right steps in ensuring a nice and clean living space. 


Smart Storage Necessities

Maximize space in your college apartment by investing in storage supplies that you can use all around your apartment. Bin, ottomans, under-bed storage containers, and hanging containers can help keep all your belongings organized while saving space.

Looking for a Great Apartment Close to Your College?

Before you can begin filling your college apartment needs list, you must have apartment plans! Foshee Residential can help! We manage properties all over the southeast and many are within walking distance or a short drive to college campuses. Browse our communities to find the perfect place for you!

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