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Preparing Your Apartment for Winter Temperatures

Properly preparing your apartment for winter temperatures is crucial to ensure the comfort and safety of your household. As a resident, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your home. Here are some simple ways to prepare you and your apartment for freezing temperatures!

1. Let your faucets drip. Turn your sink faucets on to a light drip to help the water flow through the pipes.

2. Open your cabinets. Leave the cabinet doors under all sinks open to allow warmer air to surround the pipes.

3. Heat your home. Set your thermostats to at least 55 degrees even if you plan to leave.

4. Call the emergency maintenance line immediately if your water does not come on or you see a water leak anywhere in or around your apartment building. 

5. Please use caution when climbing stairs and navigating on sidewalks– Ice could be present.

6. Always remember to be cautious of the “4 Ps”: People, Pets, Plants, and Pipes.

7. Set your ceiling fan direction clockwise and put it on the lowest setting available. Warm air naturally rises towards the ceiling. The ceiling fan will pull up any cool air and send the warmer air that rises toward the top of the room down.

8. Prepare an emergency kit with cold-weather gear, blankets, extra food and water, a flashlight, etc.

9. Consider purchasing thermal curtains. Thermal curtains consist of fabric panels specially for keeping warm air in your home.

10. Stay alert! Keep up with your local weather forecast consistently throughout the colder months. If you see a cold wave projected soon, be alert and review the tips above.

Although they may seem minor, these actions preparing your apartment for winter can help preserve both you and your apartment during freezing temperatures. Stay warm!

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